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iOS SDK - Supersonic Knowledge Center


Download iOS SDK version 6.3.8          Download iOS Demo Application

Get Started!

Follow our Documentation to integrate the SDK.

Supported Operating Systems

We support iOS versions 7 to 9+.

Supported Features

  • Monetization Ad Units
    • Rewarded Offerwall
    • Rewarded Video
    • Full Screen Interstitial
  • Ad Network Mediation
    • Available For Rewarded Video
  • User Acquisition tracking – for use with the Supersonic App Promotion Network.

Additional Ad Networks

Find here a list of available Ad Networks supported on the Supersonic Mediation platform including instructions on how to implement them in your app.

Change Log


  • Version 6.3.7 was uploaded.
  • Added missing .h for integration validation.



  • Version 6.3.6 was uploaded.
  • Adding statistics to better optimize ad networks
  • Updated adapter for UnityAds for iOS 9.
  • New tool for integration verification
  • Updates for Chartboost and NativeX adapters



  • Version 6.3.5 was uploaded.
  • Adding support for iOS 6.
  • Adding support for InMobi.



  • Version 6.3.4 was uploaded.
  • Improved mediation optimization.
  • Additional statistics for better reporting are now being sent from the SDK.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.3.3 was uploaded.
  • Ad networks adapters updated to latest SDK.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.3.2 was uploaded.
  • Adding more statistics to better optimize mediated networks.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.3.1 was uploaded.
  • eCPM improvements – better ad selection mechanism
  • Small bug fixes.



  • Version 6.3.0 was uploaded.
  • Remove decoupling between SDK and adapters
  • Update all the adapters to the latest SDKs.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.2.1 was uploaded.
  • Adding HyprMX adapter.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.2.0 was uploaded.
  • Adding Placement feature to allow multiple rewards.
  • Bundling the adapters and the SDKs into one package.



  • Version 6.1.1 was uploaded.
  • Adding Chartboost adapter to our supported ad networks.
  • Verifying our adapters with the latest ad network’s SDK.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.1.0 was uploaded (including Mediation capabilities).
  • Removal of configuration file which enables to change settings either from the code or from the server.
  • Change in the API to set the appKey while initializing the ad unit (no need to set it in the pList)
  • If you are upgrading from previous version, please make sure to remove everything you have added in the past to the pList file under Supersonic section.



  • Version 5.10 was uploaded.
  • No fill for Interstitial ads will trigger the ssaInterstitialAdAvailable function with NO after the first initialization.



  • Version 5.9 was uploaded.
  • Contains minor bug fixes and memory improvements.



  • Version 5.8 was uploaded.
  • Fixed status bar appearance issue.



  • Version 5.7 was uploaded.
  • Interstitial API and callbacks were changed and improved.
  • Reduced the binary size of the SDK.



  • Version 5.6 was uploaded.
  • Fixed orientation issues on iOS8
  • Fixed bugs when ad units were not shown in full screen.