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UnityAds Integration Guide - Supersonic Knowledge Center

UnityAds Integration Guide

This guide will instruct you step-by-step on how to set UnityAds live as an Ad Network on the Supersonic Mediation platform. The integration process is completed in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create an UnityAds Account
  2. Create an Application in UnityAds
  3. Activate UnityAds in Your Supersonic Network Setup Module
  4. Add the UnityAds Adapter to Your Build

Before You Start

Make sure you have correctly integrated Supersonic Rewarded Video into your application. Integration is outlined here.

Step 1. Create an UnityAds Account

  1. Create an account with UnityAds. You can do so here.
  2. Once your account has been verified you can log in at their partner login here.

Step 2. Create an Application in UnityAds

Follow these steps to create your UnityAds application:

  1. Once you login select ‘Start Monetizing
    Unity integration with Supersonic Mediation - 01
  2. Define the settings of your app:
    Unity integration with Supersonic Mediation - 02

    1. Platform – iOS or Android
    2. App URL – Input the AppStore or Google Play URL of your application. If your app is not live yet, you can also enter a name manually.
    3. Target Age – Select if your app is directed to users under the age of 13 or not.
    4. Once you have updated all the information, select ‘Continue‘ to finish.
Note: You will need a unique UnityAds application per platform (iOS + Android) just like you do with your Supersonic account.


Step 3. Activate UnityAds in Your Supersonic Network Setup Module

Immediately after you confirm your application, you will be redirected to a summary page open to the ‘Monetization Settings’ tab. There you will find 3 pieces of Data from your UnityAds account which need to be input into your Supersonic Network Setup Module in order for UnityAds to work correctly in connection with Supersonic:

Game ID This is the unique identifier of your Application in UnityAd’s system.
Placement ID This is the unique identifier of your Ad Placement in UnityAd’s system. Two Ad Placements are created by default for your application; a Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placement.
API Key This is a unique identifier for your UnityAds account, which allows your Supersonic Mediation Platform to import performance data from your UnityAds account to use in reporting & optimization.

Once you obtain this information, you must configure UnityAds Parameters in your Supersonic Account. By adding the above information correctly, you will be able to take full advantage of UnityAds’ ad inventory and reporting data on Supersonic’s Mediation platform.

  1. Game ID

    At the top of the page you will see your Game ID:
    Unity integration with Supersonic Mediation - 03

  2. Placement ID

    Below the general information section, you will see ‘Advanced Settings’. There you will find the two default Ad Placements that UnityAds automatically generates upon app creation.
    You will find the ‘Placement ID‘ of the default Rewarded Video placement. This is the Placement ID you’ll need to configure Rewarded Video Mediation on the Supersonic platform.
    Unity integration with Supersonic Mediation - 04

  3. API Key

    On the left side panel select ‘Account’:
    Unity integration with Supersonic Mediation - 05Once you are redirected, you will see the API Key listed on the bottom:
    Unity integration with Supersonic Mediation - 06


Configure UnityAds’s Parameters into Supersonic Account

Once you have all of these parameters, log in to your Supersonic account and go to ‘Monetize‘ ➣ ‘Mediation‘ ➣ ‘Network Setup‘.

Select UnityAds from the list of available Ad Networks and input the UnityAds ‘Game ID‘ and ‘Placement ID‘ and ‘API Key‘ in the relevant fields.
Unity integration with Supersonic Mediation - 07

Step 4. Add the UnityAds Adapter to Your Build


  1. Download the UnityAds Adapter:
    This will add the UnityAds Adapter to your build. You can find the latest UnityAds Adapter here.
  2. Add the UnityAds frameworks to Your Project:
    After you download the Adapter; unzip it, and drop both SDK & Adapter frameworks into your Xcode Project.

    1. Drag UnityAds.framework into your Xcode project.
    2. Drag UnityAds.bundle into your Xcode project.
    3. Drag SUUnityAdsAdapter.framework into your Xcode project.
  3. Adding Required Frameworks:
  4. Go to Targets ➣ Build Phases ➣ Link Binary With Libraries.
    Click ‘+’ to add the following frameworks:

    1. AdSupport
    2. StoreKit
    3. Core Telephony


Verify Your Ad-Network Integration

The Supersonic SDK provides an easy way to verify that your Rewarded Video Mediation integration was completed successfully. To verify your Supersonic and additional Ad Networks integration, follow this document.

You are now all set to deliver UnityAds Ads within your application!

What’s Next?
To add additional Rewarded Video Ad networks, follow the integration guides on our Supported Ad Networks list.