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Android SDK - Supersonic Knowledge Center

Android SDK

Download Android SDK version 6.3.5          Download Android Demo Application

Get Started!

Follow our Documentation to integrate the SDK.

Supported Operating Systems

We support Android version 3.0 (API level 11) and higher.

Supported Features

  • Monetization Ad Units
    • Rewarded Offerwall
    • Rewarded Video
    • Full Screen Interstitial
  • Ad Network Mediation
    • Available For Rewarded Video
  • User Acquisition tracking – for use with the Supersonic App Promotion Network.

Additional Ad Networks

Find here a list of available Ad Networks supported on the Supersonic Mediation platform including instructions on how to implement them in your app.

Change Log



  • Version 6.3.5 was uploaded.
  • Update NativeX SDK.
  • Update InMobi adapters
  • Support for HTTPs calls on the SDK (Similar to iOS ATS).



  • Version 6.3.4 was uploaded.
  • Update Chartboost SDK.
  • Update AdColony and NativeX adapters
  • New tool for integration verification
  • Adding statistics to better optimize ad networks



  • Version 6.3.3 was uploaded.
  • Update UnityAds and Vungle SDK.
  • Adding InMobi adapter.



  • Version 6.3.2 was uploaded.
  • Ad network adapters for better statistics
  • Smart loading mechanism improvements.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.3.1 was uploaded.
  • Ad network adapters updated with the latest SDKs.
  • Support s2s reward mechanism to all ad networks.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Version 6.3.0 was uploaded.
  • Adding more statistics to better optimize mediated networks.
  • Changes in the rewarded video listener to better report on errors.
  • Small bug fixes.



  • Version 6.2.2 was uploaded
  • eCPM improvements – better ad selection mechanism.
  • Updating all the adapters.
  • Small bug fixes



  • Version 6.2.1 was uploaded
  • Updating all the adapters to the latest SDKs
  • Support s2s rewarding mechanism



  • Version 6.2.0 was uploaded
  • Adding placements functionality, allowing publishers to set multiple rewards.
  • Bundling SDKs and Adapters into one package which simplify the process of integration.

Adding dependency management to the ad network’s adapters as well.


  • Version 6.1.1 was uploaded
  • Adding Chartboost adapter to our supported ad networks.
  • Verifying our adapters with the latest ad network’s SDK.
  • Adding dependency management resources.
  • Bug Fixes



  • version 6.1.0 was uploaded (including Mediation capabilities)
  • Removal of configuration file which enables to change settings either from the code or from the server.
  • change in the API to set the appKey while initializing the ad unit (no need to add it in the config file)
  • if you are upgrading from previous version, please make sure to remove everything you have added in the past to the supersonic.config file under assets folder.



  • Version 5.14 was uploaded
  • Fixed white screen bug when returning to the Offerwall ad unit from background.
  • No fill for Interstitial ads will trigger the onInterstitialAvailability function with false after the first initialization.



  • Version 5.13 was uploaded
  • Included minor bug fixes and memory improvements.



  • Version 5.12 was uploaded
  • Includes minor bug fixes for Rewarded Video ad unit



  • Version 5.11 was uploaded
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Removed android:theme=”@android:style/Theme.Translucent” from the Android Manifest on the OpenUrlActivity.



  • Version 5.10 was uploaded.
  • Interstitial API and callbacks were changed and improved.



  • Version 5.9 was uploaded.
  • Fixed orientation issues on Tablets.
  • Calling getInstance() is possible also from a non UI thread.