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Funds Dashboard - Supersonic Knowledge Center

Funds Dashboard

The Funds Dashboard provides an overview of your pending revenue and promotion funds balance.

Navigate to the Funds Dashboard by clicking ‘Funds’ on the upper-right hand corner.Funds DashboardOn the Funds Dashboard you can view:

  • Pending Revenue
    This portrays the amount of earning that Supersonic currently owes you for the ad units served in your app(s). This number represents the sum of revenue for all monetization efforts (minus the amount already paid to you previously by Supersonic).
  • Available Funds
    This portrays your current funds available to run promotional campaigns. This number represent the sum of all added funds (minus the amount already spent on existing campaigns). E.g. if you deposit $1,000 and then another $500, but you didn’t run any campaigns yet, the available funds will display a balance of $1,500. Once you start running campaigns – the balance will decrease according to delivered campaigns’ spend.
  • Transactions List
    This is a list of all your funding and revenue transactions. Each row contains the following information:

    • Date: The date of the transaction
    • Transaction Type:
      • Promotion transactions:
        – Added Funds: Appears after you add funds
        – Promotional Funds Update: Appears after funds are added
        – Invoice: Invoice for the funds spent during the calendar month, appears at the beginning of the following month (e.g. October’s invoice will appear on November 1st)
      • Monetization transactions:
        – Payment: Supersonic payment for monetization activity. The payment will be executed according to your preferred method, defined in Payment Info.
        – Revenue: Statement for a calendar month, appears at net-45 (e.g. October’s statement will appear by mid December).
    • Transaction Value: The value of the transaction
    • Details: Your selected transaction method
    • Confirmation: Confirmation ID of the transaction, or link to a confirmation document

To sort the information in the transaction list, click Date on the column header. Click again to reverse order.