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Promotion Funds Management - Supersonic Knowledge Center

Promotion Funds Management

Before You Start

Make sure you have set up your company’s information correctly on the Company Information as described here.

To run campaigns to promote your app, you must first add funds to your account. Adding funds occurs exclusively through PayPal.

Add Funds to Run a Campaign

In order to add funds to your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Funds ➣ Add Funds.
    Supersonic Add Funds via PayPal
  2. In the Amount field, enter the amount (in USD) you would like to add to your account and then click the PayPal button.
    Note:  The minimum amount you can add is USD 100. The maximum you may deposit is USD 1000. In order to deposit more than USD 1000, please contact our support team.
  3. You will then be redirected to PayPal’s secure payment page.
  4. Complete the transaction.
    Note: for high amounts, PayPal might require verify the transaction, this could take up to 48 hours, during this time the transaction will appear on Supersonic’s Funds Dashboard as ‘Pending’, and you cannot use it for a campaign. In case it’s been more than 24 hours and the transaction status does not automatically changed into approved (A.k.A. PayPal invoice ID is displayed), please contact our developers’ support team.
  5. Check your Available Funds on the Funds Dashboard.
    Important! Your campaigns will run according to the dates you defined or until funds runs out. 
    We reserve the right to cancel funding unused for six months. See our Terms and Conditions.


Invoices for Advertising Activity


At the end of every month, Supersonic deducts your campaign expenses for that month from your available funds, and issues an invoice for that month’s activity; e.g. for advertising activity during October, Supersonic will issue an invoice at the beginning of November.


  1. Invoices are being issued against actual funds spent and not against deposit. E.g. you deposit USD 1,000 on October 20th, and by the end of the month you spent USD 400, beginning of November you will be invoiced for USD 400 and not USD ,1000.
  2. Invoice ID are presented on your Funds Dashboard. To receive the actual invoice PDF please contact our developers’ support team.